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DansGuardian 2.6.1 Web GUI  



-: Note :-
This Add-On was modified from the DansGuardian Webmin Module written by Adam Kennedy, it was modified by Darren Critchley to work on IPCop. Gavin Spurgeon and Fernand Jonker modified it slightly to install on IP-Cop 1.3.x using the Add-ons System.

The DansGuardian Web GUI allows you to modify all the key DansGuardian configuration files right from your browser. You can modify the banned list files, exception list files, main dansguardian.conf file and search the weighted phrase list files.  With the DansGuardian Web GUI you can manage DansGuardian in all-most every way. Note that the GUI also includes help files to assist you with your DansGuardian configuration.

The Web GUI configuration also adds the DansGuardian Content Filter to the status/information page so you can see whether DansGuardian is running at any time without having to go into the DansGuardian configuration section of the GUI.

(download the .tar.gz here)
(no Setup Instruction needed, Just install and then use the new features in the IPCop Admin www)